【Administrative Capacity

Assignment of coordinator :

We assign experienced coordinators to company members to meet the requests.

Hosting An Annual Meeting :

We host annual meetings for company members and related faculties, reported the accomplishment of the year and the future plans for this industrial liaison.

Instant Office :

We offer you working spaces with facilities to start your business in Taiwan easily and our administrative support will allow you to run your business efficiently.

Information and Support relating to Government Funds :

We integrate government fund plans and resources to establish the best plan for our members.

【Taiwan Tech Capacity】

Match Needs and Seeds for collaboration research :

Coordinators introduce the needs of companies to faculty members and arrange the technical-exchange meetings and support the conclusion of agreement for collaborative research.

Manpower Cultivation :

We provide long-term internship and human resource for company members to cultivate high-level human resources.

In-house Training :

We provide tailor-made training for company members to ensure that educational resources are allocated as efficiently as possible so as to strengthen national competitiveness and cultivate outstanding.

【Marketing Strategy】

Marketing Promotion :

We plan annual marketing activities for our company/faculty members to create potential business opportunities by attending trade shows, seminars, forums and workshops.

Business Plan Report :

Our consulting team provides company members business plan reports in formulating international marketing strategies, industry trends and provides customized global marketing consultation services to facilitate member companies in their exploration of overseas markets.

Technical Journal/Industry Report :

With over 1,000 professors, we have our unique coverage of industrial and marketing analysis of global market. We provide our company members valuable industry information.